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Date 9/20/19

Andrew Greig with his 3rd summer this year on his new EPR Fly Rod by Echo.

Ray Johnson scored a nice 15-17 pound chinook salmon also and released it back into the Cowlitz.



Andrew Greig is kicking out some nice cutthroat from the Cowlitz River, as seen by the photos.

Date 9-8-19

Cameron Short  with some beautiful Brown trout from the Madison river. 20, 23 and 24 inches in length. The Grandpa brown trout got a way after a long fight.

Date  9-7-19

David Lampit with a nice summer run steelhead from the Cowlitz river using a Egg Sucking Leech with Orange Tungsten Bead  tyed by Black Heron Fly Fishing. If you have questions about where too go or what too use contact John at Black Heron Fly Fishing 360-575-3970 or email him at

Date 9-7-19

Andrew Greig with a nice summer   run steelie from the Cowlitz river this morning using his new Echo EPR single hand rod and Skagit scout line by Airflo. Andrew was using a Oregon Stater Tube fly from Black Heron Fly Fishing.

Date 08-29-19

Andrew Greig caught his first summer run on his new Echo EPR rod and Airflo Skagit Scout fly line with a sinking tp and Oregon Stater  tube fly from Black Heron Fly Fishing    in Longview, WA.

It should be noted that that several other anglers reported   success this morning at Blue CReek and below. George Foshee hooked another steelie this morning along with 3 other fly anglers who  lost their fish during the fight.

Date 9-5-19

James with his second steelie on his new Echo spey rod. James used a Oregon Stater Tube fly by Black Heron Fly Fishing.

Date 9-1-19

James Smith with his first summer steelie using his new TR Series Spey Rod w a Skagit head and Oregon Stater Tube Fly by  Black Heron Fly Fishing. Contact  John at  Black Heron for fishing reports or times for casting and tying classes at 360-575-3970 or email at

Date 08-29-19

Ray Johnson with a summer steelhead this morning. Caught using the  the Oregon Stater  tube fly from Black heron Fly Fishing.

Date 08-27-19

Mayfield lake has been stocked with Eeels Creek hatchery rainbow trout during the month of August with Approximately 7500 trout. These trout are nice size being about 14-15 inches.

Tiger Muskie Fishing should be good during the mornings and evenings. Fly fishing for tiger muskies with a fly rod can be very productive. Using large black flies approximately 6-8 inches is best. Flies with lots of motion and movement using a stripping action around  obstructions is best.

Fly patterns imitating bait fish similar to Northern Pike Minnow or Peamouth can also be very productive.

If you have any questions call John at Black Heron  Fly Fishing 360-575-3970 or email him at

Date 08-27-19

WDFW Fishing report for lower Columbia Tributaries


Columbia River Tributaries

Elochoman River – 6 bank anglers kept 1 steelhead.

Cowlitz River – I-5 Br downstream – 1 boat/2 rods had no catch.


Above the I-5 Br – 5 bank rods had no catch. 13 boats/33 rods kept 20 steelhead, released 5 steelhead and 2 Chinook.

Lewis River – 4 bank anglers had no catch.

Wind River – 1 boat/1 rod had no catch.


Columbia River Tributaries

· Lewis River: Effective August 1, 2019 until further notice, from Johnson Creek to the power lines below Merwin Dam: release all salmon other than hatchery coho.


· North Fork Toutle River: Effective August 1, 2019 until further notice: Daily salmon limit 6, up to 4 adults may be retained. Release all salmon other than hatchery coho.

Drano Lake –11 boats/25 rods kept 9 Chinook.

Klickitat below Fisher Hill Bridge – 1 bank angler had no catch.


Klickitat above #5 Fishway – 1 bank angler had no catch.


Date 08-25-19

The steelhead fishing above the I5 bridge has been fair too good . Many boat anglers are experiencing  good results with 39 boats having 43 steelhead. Most fish are running 7-9 pounds. Flyfishing has been fair but many fly anglers have been  fishing the blue creek area with limited success. Fish are hanging in deep water there and eluding the   fly anglers till the last few days.

The Fancy Spade by Alec Jackson a favorite  summer steelhead fly for the Northwest.

Date 08-23-19

A Cowlitz summer run by Ray Johnson on yesterday morning

Nice bull trout from an undisclosed stream in Oregon. Caught and released while trout fly fishing


Scott Tseu with summer run steelie on his new Airflo Skagit line.

A nice steelhead fly by Kris Spromberg

Date 08-18-2019

Cameron Shorts first spey rod steelhead on the Cowlitz River after taking the spey class from Black Heron Fly Fishing in late June.

Caught on June 28th, 2019.

Date 08-18-2019

Kyle Woods taking his first spey casting class with Black Heron Fly Fishing on the Columbia river casting close too 90 feet the first day. If your looking for quality fly casting classes contact Black Heron Fly Fishing, 105 Debbie Street, Longview, Washington 98632 360-575-3970 office or email us at

Date 08-18-2019

Barbara Price and Colleen with some nice trout from Snag and Radar lakes on the coast of Washington.

Date 08-18-2019

A nice brown trout from Goose Lake in the Indian Heaven wilderness just to the west of Trout Lake , Washington. The lake has recently been stocked and there are Brown trout, Rainbows and Brook trout present. Great dry fly fishing. Photo credits to Lukas Johnson.

Date 08-18-2019

Walter Pistor with a nice fish from Alaska on his fly rod.

Date 08-18-2019

Andre and Daniel with some cutthroat trout and rainbow from the Cowlitz River. Andre and Daniel had a great time on the river and managed 25 trout between the two of them on their first time fly fishing. About half the fish were cutthroat and the other half resident rainbows with their biggest fish about 12 inches.

Date 08-18-2019

Frank Fortino with his daughter Jessy and their new Durham Ranger Flies.


Date 08-18-2019

Cowlitz River has reported 123 steelhead for the week of August 5 through 11, 2019.


Columbia River Tributaries

Elochoman River– 1 bank angler had no catch.


Cowlitz River – I-5 Br downstream – 1 boat/4 rods had no catch.


Above the I-5 Br – 31 bank rods kept 25 steelhead. 27 boats/73 rods kept 37 steelhead and released 3 steelhead.

Tacoma Power employees recovered 121 summer-run steelhead adults, 68 spring Chinook adults, one spring Chinook jack, 62 spring Chinook mini-jacks, and two Cutthroat trout during five days of operations at the Cowlitz Salmon Hatchery separator.

During the past week Tacoma Power employees released nine spring Chinook adults into the Cispus River located near Randle and they released six spring Chinook adults and two Cutthroat trout at the Franklin Bridge release site in Packwood.

To date, Tacoma Power employees have recycled 606 summer-run steelhead to the lower Cowlitz River.


Date 08-18-2019

Lacamas Lake, excellent Bass Fishing and Panfish.  Monster Beetle by Black Heron Fly Fishing.

Date 08-18-2019

Swofford Pond, excellent for Large Mouth Bass & Channel Catfish.

Report as of December 18, 2018

Cowlitz River - ........


Dated 8/13/17


Rob Crandal from Water Time Outfitters in Oregon City fishing with John Kendall from Black Heron Fly Fishing this morning went 1 for 3 steelies. Rob hooked up immediately in the first hole we visited. A great time was had by both of us remembering the times at Larrys Sports Center in Beaverton and Oregon City where we began out careers in the fishing industry.

Dated 8/10/17

Ray Johnson, George Foshee and Bill Barker with some summer run from the Cowlitz river.


Dated 8/8/17
Tony Williams with a nice summer run from the Cowlitz river using his single hand fly rod.


Dated 8/4/17


Ray Johnson with a nice summer from the Cowlitz at 34inches and 14 pounds.




John Kendall from Black Heron Fly Fishing and Frank Fortino.

The fly fishing on the Cowlitz was good this morning with most fly anglers getting a steelhead.

Contact Black Heron Fly Fishing for info on the Cowlitz river at 360-575-3970 office and ask for John

Night closure in effect below Lexington Bridge.

Reduced hatchery steelhead limit of 2 per day.

No fishing below the lexington bridge for steelhead.

You do not have too kill hatchery steelhead on the Cowlitz due to reduced numbers being expected this summer.

Dated 7/7/17


A nice summer run steelie caught by John Kendall from Black Heron Fly Fishing. John Hooked three steelies and lost the first one on a piece of stray spectra fiber line that was in the stream. The third fish was lost after  short fight  and a direct run at the angler from about 35 feet. Fun was had by all this morning. It was beautiful, cool and very pleasing.

Several other anglers were also luck including two other fly anglers who were in boats.

If your in need of a guided trip contact John at Black Heron Fly Fishing 360-575-3970 or email at

We provide guided flyfishing services on the Cowlitz, Kalama and several lakes in the area using our custom drift boat.


All your needs will be taken care of during our trips, including lunch, snacks, drinks rods, reels, lines, flies,leaders,  and shuttle services. You only need your fishing license, waders, boots and rainwear. We even watch your vehicle while fishing.
Drop us a call if you have any questions at 360-575-3970 or email us at

Dated 7/6/17


Hey Look who got the 2nd summer steelie on the fly this year. Non other than Mr Ray Johnson. Rays fly of choice as the Oregon Stater  Tube fly using his spey rod.
There were several fish caught this morning from the boats and a couple from the bank by fly rodders. The steelies are just moving into the area around Blue Creek and should provide good action from here on out during the summer.

If your looking too book a trip on the Colwitz please call John at Black Heron Fly Fishing from 10am-6pm. 360-575-3970 office or 360-431-7045 cell and leave a message.

We provide the rods reels and lines plus all your flies and lunch. You only need a fishiing license , waders ,boots and rain gear.


Rocky Rockwood with a nice steelie from the Lower Cowlitz river .

Dated 7/3/17


A beauty of a summer run steelie from the Cowlitz river. Caught by Russel Stevens on his fly rod on Satruday morning.

River level is now at a wonderful height about 4000 cfs and holding. Call Black Heron Fly Fishing if you have questions at 360-575-3970 office
and ask for John.

Dated  6/22/17 The Cowlitz is finally down below 10000 cfs at 9600cfs today.
The steelies are still a bit lacking in numbers but they are present in the river. The Tiger Muskies are present in the river system in Mayfield lake and taking flies.
The best flies are Black and White in about 5-7 inlong streamers.


Popular minnow pattern for Tiger Muskies.


Some popular minnow patterns for tigers.


Ray Johnson with a nice Tiger Muskie he caught with Mike Sturza from Lost Creek Fly Shop. Ray caught 3 Tiger this day ranging from 44 inches to 36 to 30. A very good day. Your a great guide Mr Mike.

tiger 3

Ray with his 44 inch Tiger from Mayfield reservoir. About 25-30 pounds.
Dated 6/17/17

The Cowlitz river is at 10700 cfs flow and fishable but high. There are a few steelies around but not large numbers. A fly for the Cowlitz river that has produced well in the past.
The Pink Panther


A great fly in the tail outs and other areas using sinking tips and sinking leaders.
Get these flies from Black Heron Fly Fishing.
360-575-3970 office

Dated 6/12/17

Are you ready for some summer steelies??????

The water has finally dropped too 6000 cfs and should provide afew fish. The counts are still low but at least they have lowered the river levels.

If you have a raft or boat your chances are better.

There are new regulations which we are checking on at this time. Be aware they have lowered the bag limit on the Cowlitz.

Barbed hooks are allowed according to the regulations from June 1st through July 31st, 2017.

Dated 5/29/17

The Cowlitz river is still high at 12300 cfs and continuing too rise.

High Snow Pack is still present in the cascades making the run off  unpleasant to fish in.

The winter steelies have begun to disappear and the summer runs have begun too arrive in the river. High water will make the summers return earlier rather than later in most cases.

Be on the look out for the counts too start rising in the near future. Click Here for Archive of Prior Reports