Clackamas River Fishing Report

Dated 5/25/16
irish car bomb
The Irish Car Bomb a custom tye by Black Heron Fly Fishing for summer steelies.

The Clackamas river is just now starting to see some summer run steelies get caught.

Typical patterns are the green butt skunk, matukas, bh wooly buggers, skykomish sunrise, bh prince nymph, bh stones, lifter patterns,  glo bugs, muddlers and popsicle style patterns.

Hit the riffles and deeper runs along the edges for the best action.

Spey rods with sinking tips in T8 or T11 work best about 10 feet long and with a 4 foot 10 pound leader. Down and across presentations work best most the time.
Dated 5/9/13

The river has been fair to good for summer steelhead from McGyver to the mouth of river. The river levels are good and fish are spread out between spots.

Dated 9/12/12

Water low and clear .

Drift boats will have access to summer runs above riverside park. Plan on dragging or skidding along over rocks. Jett sleds are not a good idea here.

The rubber raft hatch has been occurring here due to warm summer style weather around  12:00 noon..

Dated 1/8/12

Fishing here has been good the last few weeks due to water levels.

Dated 8/31/10

The increased rain should start moving Coho into the river and increase the number of steelhead that are active.

Dated 5/9/10

The  Clackamas has been getting good numbers of winter steelies the last few weeks but these fish are beginning to wind down. The summer run steelies have began their up stream migration and should be in full swing shortly.

The spring chinook are also present .

Dated 4/26/10

The clackmas has fallen into a nice level for fly rodding at 3500 cfs and is still producing good numbers steelhead according to the game dept of Oregon.

Good patterns to consider here would include the Intruders, Pick Yer Pocket , Green Butt Skunk, Hoh Bo Speys, BH Buggers, Freight Trains, String Leeches, Egg Sucking Leeches, Glo Bugs, BH Stone Fly Nymphs and Skykomish Sunrise.

Plan on fishing with Sinking Tip Fly Lines,  Sinking Leaders or Shooting heads in a variety of sinking rates to meet your needs. As always a type 6 sink rate is usually best.

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Scotts Clackmas river steelhead from this fall using his spey rod.